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Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background, 18 x 24-Inch

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0019IW0IM?tag=petsslove01-20 – Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background, 18 x 24-Inch

Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background, 18 x 24-Inch
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My red earred slider turtle is about 17 years old. Hes too big and heavy for many of the turtle docks that are on the market… 9″ head to tail shell.
These cork tiles fit perfectly, wedged across the tank, with part of it curved into the water. My turtle can easily climb up the ramp and sit at the top to sun.
I purchased 2 of these cork tiles and switch them out to clean the algae and allow them to dry out completely. One star off because the glue has separated the front bark pieces from the backing.
Ive had to find turtle safe marine glue to stick them back together. This was within 6 months that the glue failed. Other than that, it is perfect.
I ordered 2 for my snake tank backing since it’s too big of a tank for just 1 to cover the whole back.I love the look of them and they seem like great quality which is most important.
My husband couldn’t get them to stick so we ended up using zip ties to hold them on the back and it works for our tank. One of them was bowed and one was straight and they were slightly different thicknesses.
I’ll add the best picture I currently have where you can see how one sticks out just a bit more.I love the way it looks so I’ll give it 4 starts, but for the price of them it would be nice if they were both at least straight so they would adhere to the tank.
I used the background in my Green keel bellied lizards 24x18x24 Exo Terra tank. I bought an extra panel since my tank was too big for just one. I cut out the extra strip I needed using a jigsaw.
I put the tank on its back and added silicone to it. Then I placed the panels on the silicone. I put books as weights on the panels and left it to dry for 24 hrs.
I had a small gap on one side due to the way I cut. I filled this with brown silicone and then sprinkled dirt on it to hide the bead of silicone. Now crickets can’t hide in that gap.Two things to note:1.
The size of the panel is cut to specifically fit 18×24 exo terra tanks or zoo med tanks, not standard aquariums.2. If you are getting mold, then there’s not enough air movement in your tank.
I have most of my screen top covered with plexi glass and I still don’t get mold (although I have spring tails in my tank who eat it).
Easy to cut with the right tools. (I used a jigsaw). I use in a very humid vivarium and it holds up well. No mold. I did not use adhesive as recommended and doesnt come with.
Instead, I cut it so that it would fit tightly vertically, and stuffed sphagnum moss on the sides (as much as would fit while wet). My snake has tried to poke at it but has not budged the moss or the background.
It is not the most dynamic background out there but is still nice. I love cork products for my snakes.
Great for the background on my chameleon enclosure. All three tiles I got were perfectly flat and the real bark texture is awesome!
Ordered 2 for my snakes tank. They werent exactly 18×24. I had to do a bit of cutting to get them to fit together. Used velcro to attach to the back.
It didnt work amazingly well but its still standing up.I took old fake plants that I used in a smaller tank and hot glued them for more decor without just having random ivy coming from seemingly nowhere.
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