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In 12 minutes I’ll cover natural treats for pets you can trust with no fillers, no grains. Veterinarian Formulated CBD for canine, feline & equine owners. Whether your a first time user or thinking of switching over a pet that might be sensitive to other alternatives on the market, this videos is for you.

Pet Med Labs medical expert and show host, Dr. Dani McVety (2017 Female Veterinarian of the Year and a pioneer in pet hospice) says: “CBD has remarkable healing abilities for pets suffering from a variety of conditions. In my practice, I am able to see CBD’s amazing results improving the lives of my patients on a daily basis.”
Incredible science behind each of the formulations with careful attention to each type be it dog, cat or horse, young or senior. Pet Med Labs uses premium Hemp CBD, costlier and more preferred extraction process and won my vote. Needless to say these are no ordinary CBD treats. Hand made artisan style and then baked to perfection. Each bag has 40 treats your dog will love.

3 Types of Formula’s available.
Joint & Mobility small or large breed dogs.
Senior Pets small or large breed dogs.
Health & Wellness small or large breed dogs.

Give your dog, cat or even horse only the best Pet CBD treats for less but use the best. Choose from CBD Oil, CBD pet treats and now pet flakes. Each of the choices are treats for pets you can trust. Cat safe and designed to improve your pets overall wellness.

Equine CBD Pellets are designed to be given to many different species, from the horse to the donkey and even the mules. The hemp used in these has been carefully sterilized, sieved, and selected for consistency. Every detail was examined, Pet Med Labs took great measures to ensure that these would be 100% safe for your equine.
A food-grade mold inhibitor has even been added to give them longer shelf-life stability, knowing how dangerous mold in feed can be. It’s simple to give these to your horse. By simply follow the dosing recommendations below, your horse can have them as a snack twice per day. They’ll keep him looking better for longer and will have him perking up and paying more attention to the world around him again.

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